Promoting Dialogue and Confronting Racism since 1974

Promoting Dialogue and Confronting Racism since 1974

Promoting Dialogue and Confronting Racism since 1974Promoting Dialogue and Confronting Racism since 1974Promoting Dialogue and Confronting Racism since 1974
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Standing Together in Diversity

PREC is an all-volunteer organisation dedicated to promoting racial equality and challenging discrimination in the City of Peterborough UK.  Through Autumn 2019 we are currently developing this website, have moved to  new premises, and started to create a new series of workgroups.  More on its way.


About Us

Our Team


Our amazing team of volunteers is committed to helping others. We are all committed to working for the welfare of our diverse city.  We are proud that over 120 languages are spoken here.  We are determined to challenge all forms of racial discrimination, and to take this conviction and turn it into positive action. Think you would be a good fit? Get in touch for more information!

What We Do


PREC was founded as a Charity in 1974 to monitor racial equality policies in the city and to challenge direct and indirect discrimination.  We have now become an all volunteer, independent service  and hold The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service.  We research minority ethnic achievement in education.

Our Mission


Like so many voluntary organisations, after the financial crash of recent years, we lost all our national and local authority funding as government reduced public spending.  Now we are re-building PREC using all voluntary labour.  This will give us greater independence because we won't be forced to comply with funder requirements to the same degree. We can identify and pursue our own priorities.

What's Happening


In November we moved into a new office in central Peterborough. Details are on the 'Contact Us' page:  For non-confidential, routine enquiries, or requests on where to get further help and information, we have now set up an email inbox that you can access from the 'Contact Us' page.  Phone details will follow soon.

Phone details will arrive here shortly.  

Currently looking at Fenland Local Plan consultation document.  It mentions Travellers and Gypsies but seems silent on the needs of other minorities and migrant labour, though open for comment.

Current Projects

We are partnering a city project bidding to provide a new cricket club for young people from different backgrounds.  This follows on from our partner's successful community football project.

We are looking at a 'Public Philosophy' debate on Brexit and its implications for Minority Ethnic communities.

We are in process of setting up several working groups taking up particular issues:

1.  Campaigning and Advocacy

2. Youthwork and Education

3. Events and Promotion

4. Research (continuing)

Research Projects

PREC started a long-term project called 'River of Hope' back in 1999.  This studied educational achievement by ethnicity.  Further academic studies have followed and continue, led by our research officer and her team of colleagues.  A particular interest is in hearing young people's voices and publishing their views.

We have a significant new report being prepared for publication, with support from Near Neighbours, in early 2020.  It is based on the views of 430 young people from BAME backgrounds in the city and it has been produced in collaboration with The Open University.  Further details to follow later.

Equality and Human Rights

Employment Advice (ACAS)

Immigration and Visa Services